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Blue Moth

I love it...

Posted on 2011.10.25 at 16:12
This is my favorite time of year...I love October and fall in general. The cooler temperatures, the colors, and just the way the air feels and the sunlight slants.

Unfortunately this year my allergies have been quite pesky too... Been sneezing my head off lately ;)

We got to go out for an nice fall hike a couple of weekends ago. It was the puppies first big outing. You never saw little shar pei legs move so fast. She tried very hard to keep up with Watson. Unfortunately I managed to forget to bring the camera with me...I am sure I could have gotten some cute pictures of my curley tailed brigade.

Menchi likes to chase every leaf that blows past...she is having a good time with all this fabulous fall weather.

Watson and I are going to be at the annual dog fair here in town. We are doing the breed ambassador thing with the Basenji folks.

Other than dog related stuff we are still doing the gaming thing. Two of our weekly D & D campaings wrapped up recently so we have been playing random one shots and indy games to enjoy something different until the next tier of D & D rolls along.

Been playing a lot of Ascension which is a deck building game that we all really enjoy.

Having Saja and Jason up for Halloween festivities...very excited to see them! There is a party being planned. Shari and I are working out the food options. Thursday I am going to be doing some seasonal baking for said party.

 The next year will bring two weddings :) Saja and Jason in June sometime and Tim and Willow at a time yet to be announced ;)

So lots going on...and keeping busy...

Blue Moth

Is this thing on...

Posted on 2011.10.13 at 22:42
I can not remember the last time I posted O.O

I wonder why I rarely ever feel the drive to have a session of mental vomiting here anymore... Is it that my life is so much more stable?

I still deal with anxiety and such...but usually Sabe and I just talk about it.

I should mention that The Great White Collie passed away in September at the age of 12... Both of my old dogs passed...losing two loves in the same year sucks! Also that is not counting Callie disappearing off our back porch in May...


Things are good...

I have a job I enjoy. I could use more hours, but it is way better than no job, or a job I loathe.

We have two wonderful dogs and the sweetest kitty ever.

I am loved by an amazing guy!

I like where I live...

The only thing that would make everything even better is to have the peeps that are still in Iowa here in Wisconsin with me :)

Blue Moth

Oh...look...it is a post O.O

Posted on 2011.06.15 at 20:49
Hey everybody...I am not dead or in witness protection. I just don't seem to work up to posting like I used to.

Life is rolling along here.

The most important recent changes have been that I finally landed a job. I work as an office bitch for a relocation company currently. It is part time and I am okay with it on most days.

I have started volunteering at our local Humane Society. It is a great place and they are very good to all the little lost souls that come through. I enjoy my time spent there. I work with some of the dogs, mostly socializing and walking them :) Of course it isn't all fun and games, there is always laundry and dishes that need to be done there as well ;)

Our lost kitty, Callie, is still missing. She disappeared off our back porch on the 21st of May and we have not recovered her despite the many things we have tried. All we caught in our live trap were baby possums and raccoons...definitely not kittehs :P
We still visit the humane society and do walk throughs twice a week, but no luck so far. Nothing else has come from our missing ads... *sigh* People assure us that she may yet return and that there are cats that vanish for months and then show up again unscathed.

We have added a new member to our family as well. Early in May Sabe and I became the proud parents of a now 6 month old Basenji puppy. His name is Watson and he came from a very nice breeder here in Wisconsin.

Watson has been fantastic so far. He is about to graduate from his puppy class tomorrow night. He reminds me of Patton in some aspects of his behavior and attitude. He is an extremely clever dog...and sometimes a naughty little pest :P

Eventually we will get him a playmate...probably a rescue and likely a Cavalier.

Maeve is doing very well...she had a dental a few weeks ago and is much improved for it. She is adjusting to having a puppy to pester her.

Autumn is missing Callie and adjusting to Watson (who is still learning that chasing kitties is not okay). She is as precious as ever :)

And that is all you guys are going to get :P

Blue Moth


Posted on 2011.04.03 at 13:45
Against you I will fling myself, unvanquished and unyielding, O Death!

— Virginia Woolf

Late afternoon on April 1st 2011, our beloved cocker spaniel Patton passed away. He was with me for 15 years, a solid presence in my life. I could always count on him for good cheer. To me he was one of the best dogs! He was not always an easy dog, we struggled through his issues with being undersocialized and fear aggressive in his early life. He conquered with the aid of training, desensitization, and of course his own spirit. There is a reason this dog bore the name of a great general and bore it well. 

Many of our friends and family got to know him as the curmudgeonly but lovable character he was. He was also one of the singlemost resourceful and intelligent dogs I have ever had the pleasure to share my home with. His intelligence and problem-solving abilities meant that nothing that he had his eye on was safe... be it a sandwich or a tin of cookies ;)

Patton has joined his brother Darth on the other side of the dark shores, there I hope they wait to greet those they left behind once we make our own way there.

Patton: January 2nd 1996 - April 1st 2011

Blue Moth

...proof that I am not among the ranks of the undead...

Posted on 2011.03.08 at 22:19
Cattitude: indescribableindescribable
Had a doctor's appointment Monday after finally deciding on a doctor to go to. I am very picky about physicians...but my new doc seems pretty nice so far.

I did the smart thing and went in fasted since I was pretty sure she would want to do blood tests to check on my kidneys. With the high blood pressure and the meds I am on since forever regular checks on kidney function are the norm.

She also had me schedule a full physical...so I get to go back beginning of April. I am glad I have gotten over the nervousness I used to feel about going to the doctor when I was younger ^.^

Sabe and I will have visitors from Chicagoland this coming weekend. Pretty excited about it. I have met Colin and Andrea only once and we had a really good time when we visited them last year.

The stiff winds of change are blowing through the lives of many of our circle of friends. I know change is a normal thing in life, but these are changes of the big, momentous, and startling variety. I offer each of them my support...we are here for you peeps ^.^

Life is odd and at times sad...every once in a while is is also pretty spectacular though :P Why else would we all put up with it?!

For everyone that is wondering...Kitty is doing well at the moment. We seem to have passed the Callie crisis for now :)

Blue Moth

Ahhh insomnia my old friend...

Posted on 2011.03.01 at 00:20
Cattitude: sleepless
It is midnight and I have to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow morning for an interview. *sigh*

I have trouble shutting up my silly brain and my boy is not here to talk me out of my silly thought carousel. So here I am cuddling cats, and playing on the internet when I should be sleeping.

I could I suppose go play some video games and see if that soothes the savage beast ;)

I have another interview lined up on Wednesday now as well...perhaps some more feedback on some other jobs I applied for will roll in over the rest of the week as well.

Blue Moth

Snow...and protests...

Posted on 2011.02.27 at 09:26
Cattitude: supportive
Things here have been volatile...lots of protesting going on. Our governor is a twit (most of our friends have used far less flattering terms to refer to him). We know quite a few people that his current decisions would impact :(

I have never been a political animal...but even I feel pretty strongly that the man has just got to go. Also most if not all politicians care more about their own agendas than about the actual people that those agendas will affect (IMHO).

As it turns out the week we had of nice forty degree weather was just a set up to dump some more snows on our little heads... I am so done with winter, but the bitch just won't leave o.O Even now I am looking out the window and there are occasional flakes taunting me.

As I sit here writing, Sabe is packing. My boy has to go on a work trip and leave me and the critters until Wednesday. :( It is going to be a lonely three days...

I may get to go to a drag show this evening. Willow mentioned that a co-worker of hers was going to be in the show on Friday and I immediately let her know I would be happy to go if she decided to attend. The last time I went to one was in Des Moines with Saja and it was great fun. So pretty excited at the prospect of getting to see another.

Cautiously optimistic kitty status report...Callie is doing well currently, and driving me crazy by being a picky eater. We got them a new toy yesterday (a mouse with a feather tail) and she was more thrilled than I have ever seen her with a toy.

Job interview Tuesday morning...I am not a fan of interviews. I get jittery and I feel like I am not very good at them. So wish me luck.

I have loads of resumes out...sometimes it feels like I am dropping them into a black hole never to be heard from again. *sigh*

Blue Moth

Mummies and Butterflies...and the obligatory kitty update.

Posted on 2011.02.16 at 09:13
Cattitude: lethargiclethargic
The trip to the public museum in Milwaukee on Monday was great fun. Sabe and I went to see the "Mummies of the World" exhibit.

There were all sorts of mummies...Human, dog, cat, natural, Egyptian, Peruvian, European, bog, desert, ice, and even creepy little baby mummies. Also lots of fun information on mummification and everything associated you could think of.

There was a fun surprise for us when we discovered that the museum had a butterfly garden. Basically a large room filled with plants and loads of butterflies. We of course had to check that out. It was amazing, the little critters were everywhere. There were several different species hanging from the plants like strange fruits, sitting on the walls, and fluttering through the air. Before you left the room you had to check to make sure none of the inhabitants were trying to hitch a ride out with you...

Sabe got me a beautiful necklace at the museum store that is actually made of the wing of a butterfly. No worries, the place that makes these raises the butterflies in a natural habitat and waits for them to expire of natural causes to harvest their wings for the jewelery :) I would never have gotten one otherwise.

We had dinner at a little Greek restaurant before heading home. It was not the best Greek food I have had, but it was good, solid cuisine. Also their Greek coffee was delicious.

Good news in the sick cat department...
Since going back on painkillers Callie's symptoms have once again abated. I was successful in the efforts of securing a fresh sample of the fluids in question for our vet to recheck a urinalysis at home...which meant a less stressed out cat than if we had to hospitalize. Now we wait for the results. We also have several new measures in place to get her to intake more fluids that seem to work. Mixing some extra water into her soft food at meals worked wonders.

Less fun news...the campaign I had proposed to run has flopped in it's infancy. There are no takers when I discussed it with our Tuesday people. It led instead to an uncomfortable situation that apparently made folks feel pressured...which was never the intention...and was followed up with hurt feelings. *sigh* The whole thing has now ended with me feeling crappy about the entire thing. There are still people from our weekend games that were interested and of course Sabe was very excited about the whole thing, but I have to take some time and see if I can regain my enthusiasm and stomach the idea. As we all know I tend to have a knee-jerk reaction to some situations. I was feeling pretty alienated by it all yesterday...

A disclaimer to our any of our crew that read the above...not criticizing, just needing to process...

Blue Moth

Life as unusual...

Posted on 2011.02.13 at 20:05
Cattitude: lovedloved
...not too much happening here. We like the quiet :)

Got our taxes done...Sabe was nice enough to help me with mine. I already got my refund from the state back.

Sabe and I are celebrating our second Valentine's day together with Mummies and Greek food. We are going to the Public Museum in Milwaukee to see "Mummies of the World", because nothing says I love you like a Mummy or two.

I am quite saddened by the passing of my friend Jim's cat. Trow was an amazing critter. One of the nicest kitties I ever met :( Jim has been putting up a lovely autobiography for his feline roommate of many years on facebook.

More cat news...our sassy girl Callie is still struggling with her disorder. She was okay the last week or two and then starting today was having minor symptoms again. Mostly digging in the litter box but only going very little and often. So a call to the vet in the morning is on the agenda. I have give the last painkillers to keep her comfy and some anti-inflammatory meds. If we can not get this under control with diet we are going to have to take the next step which is medication to help reduce her stress levels :( Then both me and the cat can be on meds for our anxieties :P

Autumn on the other hand is doing well...and she thinks this new mostly meat diet is the best thing ever.

The dogs are still trying to figure out how to get in on this soft food 4 meals a day racket that the cats have going now...

Blue Moth

It's seems...

Posted on 2011.01.28 at 23:02
Cattitude: sleepysleepy
...like I go forever between posts in my LJ these days. No worries though...I have no plans on giving it up completely anytime in the near future :P

What's new...

Well, after a lot of deliberation and struggle and with Sabe's support and blessing I left my job. My anxiety was eating me alive being there. I have worked so hard and always taken care not to let my personal monster get the best of me...but that place was doing it to me.

I have a few interviews lined up...so wish me luck!

Our old dog-face is still getting along ^.^ Cranky and old (15 this year)...but doing well. His dog sister Maeve is now also a senior since she is fast approaching the ripe collie age of 10.

One of the kittens has been diagnosed with feline lower urinary tract disease. In Callie's case the cause seems to be non-obstructive FIC. Our current course of treatment is switching to a diet of soft food for both of them and increasing the availability of water. Unless she has recurrences we will not need any further treatment. Other than that she has a clean bill of health and weighed in at 9.9 lbs...little sister Autumn weighed in at 8 lbs at her check up a few days later :) Our vet says they both look great.

I have for the first time in ages had an idea for running a D&D campaign. Some of our peoples seem interested in giving it a shot, so it shall be put into development over the next few weeks/months. Sabe is quite excited about the whole thing ;)

Forge Midwest is coming up in April and it looks like this year Sabe will get to be there with all of us. I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of folk that I only get to see/game with when we go to conventions. I will also get to see several of my Iowa peeps that are going to come game with us ^.^

I would have to say so far 2011 is going alright ;) Time will tell...

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