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The Dark Mistress...

...is not amused.

I am the intersection of goth-girl meets diva. A little dark, with a dash of intensity. A friend once described me as a nicely complex novel (best compliment ever to someone that loves to read as much as I do).

Geek girl, science nerd, and self-styled dark mistress ;)
abarai renji, alpacas, amaretto sour, anatomy, animals, anime, anime conventions, anthropology, anxiety, aquariums, aquascaping, archery, art, behavioral science, bettas, biology, bleach, bodyfarm, bones, books, bread slice pals, cats, cavalier king charles spaniels, celtic, cheese, chinchillas, chocolate, chrno crusade, cichlids, cocker spaniels, coffee, computer games, computers, conures, cooking, cory cats, cosplay, count d, cowboy bebop, creativity, csi, d-grayman, daydreaming, deathnote, dogs, dr. bass, dragons, drawing, dungeons & dragons, dungeons and dragons, english cocker spaniels, ergo proxy, fairy tales, fantasy, farscape, final fantasy, firefly, foamy, foamy the squirrel, forensic science, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, gaming, george r.r. martin, gobys, guinea pigs, harry potter, hatake kakashi, hayao miyazaki, hellsing, herbalism, hiking, horror, horses, house, house m.d., ichigo, immunology, irish water spaniels, iruka, italian food, kakashi, lion fish, llamas, longbows, lord of the rings, manga, marmosets, microbiology, miso soup, monty python, morrowind, moths, movies, muffins, music, my friends, mythology, naps, nara shikamaru, naruto, osteology, painting, parrotlets, pathology, pets, petshop of horrors, photography, physiology, pillows, pizza, pjs, plum sake, poetry, psychology, pyjamas, reading, recurves, resident evil, rpgs, rukia, saiyuki, samurai champloo, science, science fiction, serenity, shikamaru, siamese fighting fish, sleep, spaniels, springer spaniels, swords, tamarins, tatoos, tea, thai food, tite kubo, tropical fish, video games, virology, voltaire, wolves, writing, yami no matsuei, zoology